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Fit exercise into your working week

Robyn and Nicola at the finish line of a Manawatu Striders event

Most of us are aware we are time poor.  We are consumed by constant demands on our time, from all areas in our lives.  Scheduling time for exercise has been proven to have many benefits not only for physical but also mental health.


 Exercise improves:
        • Productivity
        • Clarity and memory
        • Focus
        • Energy levels


Not sure where to start?

“Start simple and carry on.” 

This is the advice given to Recruitment Manager Cushla Brasell last year when she attended Resolution Retreats

The recommended structure included:

    • Foundation of movement such as walking, slow dancing or cycling on a regular basis.
    • Strength and resistance work – 2 to 3 times per week ensuring you are using your body functionally and keeping your muscles strong.
    • Yoga and stretching – twice a week focus on stretching and yoga for relaxation and to help find balance and focus.

Every little bit counts.

Getting up and moving is what matters, exercise comes in many forms and if you cannot commit to a daily schedule, just doing what you can, when you can, will still be of benefit.

Schedule the time.

Write it in your calendar – even if it’s a 15-minute walk at lunchtime you are more likely to keep it.

Go with friends or a group

It’s harder to make excuses when you have committed to others.  An exercise buddy (or pet), sporting team or fitness club can give you the motivation from others to continue on the days you don’t feel like exercising. 

Our PN Personnel team are an active bunch.  Cushla is a morning person, up at 5.30am for her daily walk which gives her increased productivity and energy and leaves her “ready to attack the day.”

I am similar to Cushla, after a full-on day recruiting, I often don’t feel like exercise, so I am up early to head out for my daily run followed by some Pilates.  

"I consider it my soul food – it gets me through my day and calms my mind."

When I can, I do head along to the Boxfit classes at Velocity Boxing NZ.

Robyn finds it easier to be motivated in the afternoons and we have both just completed the Manawatu Striders Super Sevens series and a number of our team have participated in Striders events.

Chris hits the gym at lunchtime, which clears away any 3pm slump and gives her a clear head, refocusing her mind and providing clarity of thinking for the afternoon.

Jo mixes it up with a combination of mornings and afternoon exercise, with a variety of exercise from Spin classes at CityFitness to Pilates.

Tabitha is spontaneous, enjoying yoga or taking advantage of these milder mornings and walking to work.  Naomi schedules her Activate gym session or run on a Monday and Friday and enjoys walking with a friend or family at the weekends.  Robyn recommends the Palmerston North parkrun for families on a Saturday morning. Claire regularly walks her 4 dogs and has a weekly session at Studio Rubix.

All agree regular exercise reduces stress, tension and anxiety.

Matt has been working hard with his personal trainer at CityFitness at lunchtimes, where he is challenged to push a bit further each time.   He argues the feel-good factor.  His honest admission was when he returns to the office “I feel generally knackered, tired, hungry and hot!”.  His overall health, vitality and strength has improved.

Commit to some form of exercise in your working week, your body and mind will thank you for it and you can treat yourself to the workplace morning tea cake on baking day!

For fitness inspiration PN Personnel recommends:
Studio Rubix
HIIT Fitness
Manawatu Striders
Palmerston North parkrun
Activate Gym 
Resolution Retreats
Velocity Boxing NZ


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