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Find out - is your boss the best?

Find out - is your boss the best?

As an employee you want to feel valued, appreciated and trusted in your job, you want the tools to be able to do your work and the opportunities to reach your career potential.  In supporting you to be your best, your boss is likely to be exceptional themselves in the following areas…

  • Communication: Your boss communicates effectively to you and the team and they take the time to listen. Their communications are timely, the messages are clear and consistent. Expectations are clear and they offer assistance and feedback.
  • Trust and Respect: In treating you and the team with trust and respect your boss will in turn have earned your trust and respect. You value their honest opinions and measured feedback.
  • Positivity: If you walk in the door to work and the atmosphere is positive, your boss is enthusiastic and motivated, then chances are, this feeling will flow through to a positive work culture.
  • Decisiveness: Your boss will be able to make sound and timely decisions based on facts and relevant information. They ask questions to fully understand the outcomes and ramifications of their decisions and commit to a decision once it is made. 
  • Accountability: Your boss takes accountability for their actions, their team and their business. This means celebrating the successes but also recognising and acknowledging any mistakes, being able to take ownership in such a situation and be clear with communications and outcomes flowing on from this. 
  • Mentor/coaching: A boss will not solve the problem for you, rather teach you the skills to solve it yourself and support you to do so.
  • Supportive: Of your career development and progression.
  • Collaborative and inclusive: There is no “i” in team, a boss who encourages team interaction, fosters and nurtures their team will build a thriving one.
  • Flexibility: Your boss understands and appreciates the bigger picture of work alongside other commitments and where possible, provides options to manage your work/life balance.
  • Praise: Praise when it is due, if you have done a good job, your boss will appreciate your work and be happy to share with others, praising you in front of other colleagues, managers or in a public setting.

If your own boss/manager/team leader ticks these boxes, let us know!  Nominate them for Best Boss in the Manawatu via our Facebook page or email recruitment@pnpersonnel.co.nz.

Christine Hanning

Christine Hanning

Constantly providing an exceptional level of service and professionalism in all aspects of her work, Christine takes a genuine interest in whom she works with and is committed to achieving success.

Give Christine a call to discuss options around what you want to achieve in your career and she will endeavour to achieve that 'win-win solution' that's right for you.


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