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Employers: utilise video as part of your next recruitment strategy

Employers: utilise video as part of your next recruitment strategy

Video is an excellent tool an employer can use as part of the job selection process.  Video combined with a written CV can be a highly effective part of your recruitment strategy.  

As a recruiter, screening applicants by their video application rather than reading a traditional cover letter gives you an insight into an applicant’s:

  • personality
  • enthusiasm for the role and your company
  • motivation behind applying for the position

To make the most of an applicant’s video, and to allow criteria for your shortlisting, provide applicants with clear instructions to follow such as:

  • Why do they want to join your company?
  • What skills do they have to benefit the vacancy?
  • What specific contribution do they believe they can make?
  • How you would like them to present themselves in the video, ie; please dress as you would if you were coming for an interview
  • Ask for their availability for interview
  • Define the length of video, we recommend 20 - 30 secs maximum.
  • How you would like the video submitted – formats you can accept – most commonly .mov or .mp4 files or upload details and links.

When should you ask for a video application?

Video is most effective in the selection process for customer service vacancies and any front facing positions where presentation and a welcoming smile are an important part of the job. 

Locally we work with a company who recruit a number of call centre staff and utilise video applications as a way to better understand an applicant’s ability to communicate clearly, which is an important part of the job description for the call centre role.

If you are hiring for a role requiring a high level of creativity a video presentation can be an excellent way for an applicant to showcase their work visually combined with a verbal explanation.

Video applications can also be effective if you are expecting applicants to apply from outside the area, or if decision makers for your company are based in offices in other locations.

Do I still require a written CV?

We find it most effective for video applications (whether it be a cover letter or short introduction) to be used in conjunction with the applicant’s CV. It is beneficial to have an applicant’s details in written format to refer to throughout the recruitment process.

PN Personnel recruited for a role recently requesting applicants apply with a video introduction as their cover letter.  Only one person submitted a video. Because they followed our instructions they were the first on the list for further qualification of screening and then a formal interview.  The result?  They got the job.

Cushla Brasell

Cushla Brasell

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