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Employers: Have you been ghosted?

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Without explanation, your top applicant for your job suddenly disappears. No communication, no explanation.  You have been ghosted. Ghosting from job seekers is happening right now in the recruiting world.  We explain what this means, why it is happening and how you can best avoid being ghosted.

What is ghosting?

The recruitment definition of ghosting is when an applicant for your job ceases all communication without notification. The applicant has disappeared without a word, leaving you without the opportunity to fill your vacancy.

Ghosting may occur at any stage of the recruitment process; you may never hear from them after the initial phone screening, or as late as not showing up for their first day on the job.

Why are you being ghosted?

Job seekers have multiple jobs available to them, and whilst their reasons for ghosting vary, it can be as simple as wanting to avoid confrontation and awkwardness in saying no to a recruiter or hiring manager/employer. 

Other reasons job seekers ghost can include:

  • They have a better offer
  • They don’t feel the company values align with their own
  • They don’t know how to say no
  • They were holding out for a better offer but didn’t want to turn down the current one
  • They don’t like the job offer presented to them

It seems there is ample training for how to write a CV and present yourself in an interview, but when it comes to turning down a job offer, applicants just don’t know how to manage the situation, so choose to ignore it.

How to avoid it

Be clear from the start of your recruitment – let your applicants know the process and what communication they can expect from you, along with what you expect from them.

  • Act quickly
    If you find your ideal applicant, keep the ball rolling on the recruitment process. Tee up the interview, provide feedback and if you offer the job, have the contract ready for them to consider. Timing is essential to a successful recruitment, and delaying the process can mean you may miss out.
  • Mix up your communication streams.
    As recruiters we like to pick up the phone, preferring to have conversations directly to be able to best understand the intentions of both our employers and our job seekers. We utilise a wide range of communication mediums to connect, as we have many job seekers who feel more comfortable connecting via email or text.

If you want your applicants to respond, ensure you are being encouraging and positive in your communication.

  • Respect
    Ghosting works both ways, whilst it is a relatively new trend for employers, many job seekers will feel they have been ghosted by an employer at some stage or another. As the employer foster respect by responding to all your applicants in a timely manner, and follow up when you said you would.

PN Personnel can help!
Working with your friendly recruiter is reassuring for both the employer and the job seeker.  We pride ourselves in our credibility, local networks and take an ethical approach to recruiting.

From the initial connection we work to establish positive lines of communication based on honesty. Our experiences of ghosting are minimal because we provide feedback from both the employer and the job seeker to keep the recruitment communication and strategy moving forward for a positive outcome.

If you have found you have been ghosted, we encourage you to get in touch for a confidential chat to understand how we can help you with your recruitment.  

Matt Smout

Matt Smout

Having extensive experience as an end to end recruiter, account manager, people leader and in business development – Matt has excellent knowledge of the 360-degree recruitment process and how to partner to understand your business and add real value.

Passionate about what he does Matt gets a real buzz from getting to know his client’s business and assisting their growth by providing tailored talent solutions.

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