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Contractors – work smarter with pnpersonnel

Contractors – work smarter with pnpersonnel

Working as an Independent Contractor means you are self-employed with the flexibility to choose WHAT work you do, WHEN you do it and HOW you do it. The downside to contracting is securing a continual flow of work, and this is an area where pnpersonnel can assist. 

You keep the choice:

By partnering with pnpersonnel you keep your flexibility in choosing WHAT, WHEN and HOW you work, and you can focus on your current contract.  Our Recruitment Specialists will manage and negotiate with the employer on your behalf the length of employment, hourly rate and duties, and if the term of the contract is coming to an end, we will scope the market for new opportunities.

The pros of pnpersonnel marketing

To secure more work you need to be proactive in your marketing activity, which can take time to set up and manage. pnpersonnel is constantly promoting to current and potential employers.  We invest in a range of marketing strategies, using our social media platforms, radio advertising and even the local coffee cart.

It is often hard to promote your skills and abilities, and a lot easier for a third party to do so.  We can attest to your attributes, skills, experience and ability to fit within a workplace. 

Our contacts and networks

Contracting can be a way to get your foot in the door with a business that can lead to long term employment with them.  We have a database of over 2700 employers.  We are constantly in touch with our employers and have spent the last 30 years building those relationships.  As a contractor you cannot be everywhere at once, but with our team, we can cover a lot, so it makes sense to utilise our contacts and networks. You can be assured the employers we connect with, and connect you with, are reputable themselves.

Benefit from our reputation

Piggyback off our reputation in the market, we have a solid brand with 30 years of recruitment success, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

The relationship between you, the contractor and pnpersonnel is similar to that of a temporary employee in that pnpersonnel will source your employment and manage the relationship between contractor and employer.  Rather than having an Individual Employment Agreement you have a Contract for Services Agreement and you invoice for your services. 

If you are an established contractor let us know!  Partnering with pnpersonnel means we can keep you in the loop on the opportunities as they come to hand.  It’s always good to have options!

Starting out:

If you are considering becoming a contractor you need to do your research so you set your business up correctly.  Secure a good accountant, set up your finances and write a business plan with a budget detailing your expected income and expenses. You will need to organise your insurances and set up a template for a contract between yourself and a business, and you may want to engage a lawyer to look over this. You will need to set up an invoicing system so once you start working you can submit your invoices and be paid for the work you have done.

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment has a detailed guide to considering working as a contractor, including tips on calculating your hourly rate and questions to ask your accountant.



pnpersonnel currently work with a number of talented contractors, if you are thinking of becoming an Independent Contractor , our Client Manager Matt Smout is more than happy to have a discussion with you to see if it will be the right fit for you and discuss work opportunities for your skill set.

Matt Smout

Matt Smout

Having extensive experience as an end to end recruiter, account manager, people leader and in business development – Matt has excellent knowledge of the 360-degree recruitment process and how to partner to understand your business and add real value.

Passionate about what he does Matt gets a real buzz from getting to know his client’s business and assisting their growth by providing tailored talent solutions.

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