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Be a positive co-worker...

Be a positive co-worker...

It’s often the case that you spend more time with your co-workers than your family. The way you interact with your co-workers and approach your work contributes to the overall work environment. If you are motivated and positive, you are more likely to also be successful in your work and business.

There are some simple ways in which you can be a productive, amiable and liked co-worker.

How many of these can you tick off your list?

1 – Say hello when you walk into the office. You may not be a morning person, but if you can manage a cheery “good morning” (even if you are not feeling very cheery and haven’t had your morning coffee), it will be appreciated by your co-workers.

2 – Be interested. Whilst you are grabbing your morning coffee in the staffroom do make small talk. Ask about your co-worker’s weekend or what Netflix series they are currently watching. Casual conversation is important to break the day and build solid working relationships.

3 - Show respect and trust. Be respectful to everyone in your workplace, regardless of their position within the organisation.

4 – Positivity – When someone asks, “how are you?” respond with a positive rather than a negative. Show interest and enthusiasm for the business, whether it be for upcoming projects or celebrating success.

5 - Compliment more and criticise less. You will discover compliments get you a lot further than ratting on your colleague for leaving their dirty mug in the staff sink.

6 – Express your ideas in a constructive manner. Sharing ideas and opinions is important for businesses to move forward, and the way you do this is important. Acknowledge others’ opinions, accept and provide constructive feedback rather than criticise. If you can understand and appreciate there is often more than one way to do things, your team around you will benefit from considering a range of perspectives.

7 – Don’t be a gossip. No-one appreciates malicious rumours, so steer clear of the office politics. All you need to do is walk away.

8 – Back your co-workers, particularly for businesses in the public eye where there can be a lot of outside scrutiny. You are a team, be one.

9 – Respond and follow up, answer emails and calls, reply to meeting requests and meet your deadlines in a timely manner so others in the workplace can meet their own deadlines.

10 – Random acts of kindness.... can start in the workplace, if you know a fellow co-worker has had a hard week, buying them a coffee or sending them a humorous email will no doubt brighten their day.

If you embrace a happy perspective to your work, your positivity will flow through to others around you, and contribute to a progressive and cheerful working environment.


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