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Bad habits at work can affect your credibility

Bad habits at work can affect your credibility

We all strive to be effective in the workplace.  As this Forbes article highlights, it is easy to have some bad habits that can affect your personal credibility at work. Are you guilty of any of these?

Top 10 bad habits

1 – Apologising too often

2 – Interrupting people and not listening

3 – Forgetting to use your manners

4 – Omitting details which leads to a last-minute scramble to be organised

5 – Using “uptalk” ending each sentence so it sounds like a question

6 – Being the first one in and last one to leave the office to look good

7 – Missing details and dates for appointments

8 – Taking credit for colleagues’ ideas

9 – Being a gossip

10 – Loud personal phone conversations during work time.

How do I break the habit?

1 – Pay attention to the times when you fall into the habit, ask colleagues to alert and remind you.

2 – Prepare alternative responses or strategies. Think ahead to the times when you do fall into a habit and practice suitable responses you can use instead.

3 – Habits are hard to break, and is likely to take time, so don’t be too critical of yourself.  Small changes can make a huge difference.

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