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A positive Net Promoter Score can benefit your business

A positive Net Promoter Score can benefit your business

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, especially in the Manawatu, you want to know if people will speak highly of you and recommend you to others, you can find out by asking the question.

How likely are you to recommend our business/product/service to others?

This question is ranked on a scale of 0 - 10 (0 = very unlikely through to 10 = highly likely)

Promoters – those who give a score of 9 or 10
Passives – those who give a score of 7 or 8
Detractors – those who give a score between 0 – 6

The NPS score is calculated as the difference between the percentage of Promoters versus the percentage of Detractors. The score is on a scale between -100 to +100. 

Any score above 0 is considered good because it indicates the business has more promoters than detractors. 

Any respondents who fall into the detractors or passives category are an opportunity for business growth and to transition detractors or passives to a promoter.  Many businesses may follow up with a secondary question related to why they have responded this way, to fully understand the reasons to further improve their company/product/service.

Knowing your NPS score allows you know if you are performing well and you can benchmark your business performance against your industry standard.

Your industry may be benchmarked here:

NPS Industry Benchmarks – Perceptive https://www.perceptive.co.nz

We recently conducted a short survey ourselves:

NZ Recruitment Industry NPS:  -17
PN Personnel’s NPS:  +47

We’re thrilled with this result because our business has more promoters than detractors. As a recruitment agency we know we are performing well and most of our clients and candidates would recommend us to others.

If you are conducting any surveys with your clients or customers I recommend including NPS in your survey. Perceptive NZ NPS Industry Benchmarks is a useful document outlining benchmarks for many industries throughout NZ. 

The PN Personnel team and I will continue to strive to achieve a high NPS score by providing exceptional recruitment services.

Matt Smout

Matt Smout

Having extensive experience as an end to end recruiter, account manager, people leader and in business development – Matt has excellent knowledge of the 360-degree recruitment process and how to partner to understand your business and add real value.

Passionate about what he does Matt gets a real buzz from getting to know his client’s business and assisting their growth by providing tailored talent solutions.

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