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10 Features your Recruiting Solution must have - Part 3 of 3

This is Part Three of a Three Part Series

10 Features your Recruiting Solution must have - Part 3 of 3

We've previously discussed Speed, Security, Support, Maintenance, Intuitive "Fuzzy Logic" and Research all pulling together to give you a recruitment solution others will envy.

Here are four more pieces that will make the difference as you strive to secure the best people for your future.


The whole point of recruiting systems is to be the employer of choice in any market, whether it’s being the employer of choice when no one else is hiring or being the employer everyone wants when multiple opportunities are available.

Your recruitment solution needs to communicate to the hearts and minds of individuals, appeal to their feelings and connect with them in ways that make them want a career with your organisation – not just a job!

Your solution needs to consistently communicate those messages in the places your future employees gather – be it www.facebook.com, www.twitter.com, www.pinterest.com, www.instragram.com, www.linkedin.com, your career pages and job boards like www.seek.co.nz and www.trademejobs.co.nz.

Make sure your solution is mobile, social and able to receive applications in those channels.



The whole point of investing in recruitment solutions is to drive efficient recruitment activities daily, and achieve positive outcomes when you need them.

Often these outcomes are for the job seekers who want to be professionally engaged, and communicated to whether they are successful or not. The person rejected today may be the perfect person next year – your solution needs to keep them engaged, and make your work efficient.



A robust and enduring recruitment solution must be able to stand the test of time, both historically and be future proofed.

Your ideal solution must be flexible and able to change role by role, or year by year.

Again simple in concept but much harder to guarantee



Modern recruitment system implementation will be expensive in time, money and resources.

Adding a recruitment solution to your business means time researching, and deciding what trade-offs you make between various solutions. And software that does all of the above will cost you a hefty monthly fee, so it better add a lot of value.

Implementing a software solution will mean vendor contracts and locking in for a period – what contingencies will you have if it doesn’t meet the brief?

All too often, as recruiters we hear managers frustrated by recruitment systems that work well for HR but not them, or work for the managers but not finance, the applicants themselves or HR… it’s tough to meet all of their reasonable demands at once.


Maybe the ultimate solution is to partner with expert recruitment teams who use smart Recruitment Systems that do all of the above, and apply their skills, knowledge, and experience to be the engaging face to your employment brand.


Recruitment Experts will not be replaced by Smart Recruitment Solutions but Recruitment Experts who use Smart Recruitment Solutions will.


If you mised parts one or two - the links are provided below!

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