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10 Features your Recruiting Solution must have - Part 2

This is Part Two of a Three Part Series

10 Features your Recruiting Solution must have - Part 2

Last week we discussed SPEED, SECURITY and SUPPORT - all crucial elements in a smart recruitment solution.

It doesn't end there - let's discuss more crucial element you'll need.

Leading on from Speed, Security and Support here are three more elements you'll need for a leading edge Recruitment Solution.


The provider of your solution needs to monitor the solution and make sure it is performing as expected.

As the user of the solution you need reassurance that the solution is working and adding value as an efficient hiring and recruiting tool.

Pretty simple in concept but very significant in terms of impact


5 - Intuitive "FUZZY LOGIC

The solution needs to add value to your recruitment decisions – it has to be intuitive and highlight potential talent and shine a light on opportunities that have previously been over-looked or missed. Or else why bother?

This “fuzzy logic” allows your solution to work with shades of grey, rather than take black and white outcomes. This sounds fuzzy so I’ll explain by example:

Imagine you are searching for rare Trade Qualified applicants – fuzzy logic should allow your solution to highlight partially trained applicants, or identify applicants who have similar qualifications so you (or your hiring manager) can consider them as potential employees, rather than automatically blocking/rejecting them.

We are operating in an extremely competitive (global) environment where trade qualified employees are in demand internationally, and where CA qualified accountants are in equally high demand, so a recruitment solution that can show value in “close but needs further consideration” applications will empower decision-makers in ways they may otherwise have missed out on.

For example a solution highlighting a “return to work Chartered Accountant” who can perform 30 hours a week in the office, and then complete the balance of their work at home can allow you to add scarce skill into your business.

How good would it be if hiring managers are able to consider a trade assistant who has almost completed welding certificates benefiting from employer sponsored training, offered employment on the completion of the certificate or starting in a junior role with the incentive that they will be promoted on completion and achievement of the necessary welding certificate?

A solution that can almost read your mind and offer reasonable outcomes – how good would that be?



Analytics and search are key to successful recruitment right now.

Your solution needs to be able to drive down into where the best people are coming from (previously, now and in the future), and how long it takes to hire them. And if that approach still works - allow you to repeat that process again and again OR change to suit.


Do what works - not what you have always done.


But more than that a great recruitment solution needs to allow deep search capabilities to connect with those potential employees who haven’t even activated a job search but are perfect for your business. They may be past applicants who missed previous roles, or they may be fans of your business who just haven’t been introduced to your business yet.

“75% of employees will change jobs if presented with the right opportunity”
Quoted at an RCSA Conference

The best solutions will reach passive applicants, engage with them and activate them for you!


See you back here for the final four pieces to a a leading edge Recruitment Solution - same time, same place next week!


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