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10 Features your Recruiting Solution must have - Part 1

This is Part One of a Three Part Series

10 Features your Recruiting Solution must have - Part 1

It’s 2016 and recruiting is more gruelling and competitive than ever as employers are working harder to secure the best people. To secure the best employees you must get an edge over your competitors and maintain it. You can gain that competitive advantage by making use of leading edge techniques and tools in hiring and recruitment.

A popular tool that employers make use of is using a recruiting solution to track applicants and manage adverts and career sites. Your recruiting solution should make your job easier, more efficient and more effective. With endless options available, choosing the right solution can be time consuming, complex and difficult.

What should you be looking for when selecting a recruitment solution that will be the interface between your company and your future team?

Here are 10 essential features that you should have in your recruiting solution:



When choosing a solution it has to be fast. Consider that most web users will leave a website that takes more than 3 second to load, and most users who leave a slow website will not go back to it. Your solution must have an efficient way for job seekers to apply to your opportunities, to communicate or to update their information.

If you use outdated channels or tools the job seeker experience will be diminished. Ultimately, this means your vacancies will get less applicants and, as most people share their negative experiences with friends and family – the true cost of this can be enormous.

Fast site speeds also help with Google indexing. Put simply – job portals with faster load speeds will allow your opportunities to outrank competitors.

Remember this seems insignificant until you consider that millennial job seekers quickly get frustrated with slow websites and will narrow down to fast efficient job search patterns – they go where jobs are easy to find and apply to. Think mobile, think social media, think “APPLY NOW”.



This seems obvious but it has to be stressed that job seekers value their privacy, as they share valuable information and documents in the employment process.

When your career site, job boards or job vacancies are not secure it is dangerous for applicants to go near it. Your recruitment solution needs to be stable, reliable and secure.

It is critical to make sure your recruitment solution is safe from hacks, intrusions and regularly updated. The ability of your solution to recover data and become live quickly after crashes is critical for success.




Having a piece of software or other solution really isn’t any use at all if you encounter a problem and cannot solve it – whether that is making a change, update or configuration change.

You’re investing in a solution that needs to be supported – you need open communication with the people who manage it, and you need to know they take action based on your feedback and issues.

This is especially important for end users who are not recruitment experts and are relying on your solution to drive successful recruiting, and make reliable, informed decisions.

Let’s face it - all solutions have bugs at times, and it’s not the bugs that matter as Alan Martin from LV Martin used to say “It’s the putting right that counts!”.

Common support tools are knowledge bases, messaging services, reporting services when bugs happen and, of course, scheduled maintenance.


Stay Tuned for Part 2 - same time same place next week 

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