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Why work for CEDA?

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Why work for CEDA?

The Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA).

CEDA was created to drive and facilitate the creation and growth of economic wealth in the Manawatu and beyond.

Why work for CEDA?

The Central Economic Development Agency, or CEDA, is a great place to work if you are a dynamic individual who thrives on a challenge and loves working as part of a busy and diverse team. Our team comes from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and are all passionate about the growth and development of our region.

CEDA is a team of thinkers, enablers, connectors and doers, who are serious about delivering great outcomes and thrive on a challenge. As a reasonably new organisation this is a great opportunity to join and contribute to the growth and culture of the team.

CEDA has an open and friendly culture, and although small, the team achieves great things by collaborating and supporting one another. CEDA will support you to be the best you can be, encourage your creativity and radical thinking, and will surround you with passionate people all aiming to achieve amazing things for the region.


Who is CEDA?

CEDA was created by Palmerston North City Council and Manawatu District Council, fully commencing operations in September 2016, and is here to turn our region's economy into a high-performing one. CEDA's focus is on igniting the transformation to shift our region into high gear, and in getting the pieces in place to create a long-term, sustainable economy that is thriving.

CEDA is the voice when it comes to economic development in Manawatu.

Connect, Enable and Create – CEDA brings our diverse stakeholders into one conversation, steering others in the same direction, and co-ordinating our region’s collective capability towards achieving great things together. Here to ask the hard questions about economic growth and challenge stakeholders to deliver on a broader sense of wealth: economic, social, cultural and environmental wealth. While responsible for the prosperity of Manawatu, CEDA is already working further afield and partnering with other regions, as to achieve in a national and global market, partnerships are something we're going to need more of.

CEDA's talented board have years of governance and industry experience between them and are fully committed to driving positive outcomes for Palmerston North, Manawatu and the Horizons region.

Click here to see the CEDA board.


The CEDA Team

The team at CEDA are a passionate group of people driven to grow and develop the wider region. With expertise in marketing, communications, events, business advice and development, collectively they are an effective support team, all connecting with the community to foster regional and economic development.

Click here to see the CEDA team

 CEDA Team Photo 2017

 Five reasons you should work at CEDA

1. Make an impact! CEDA is the regional and economic development backbone of Manawatu. You have the opportunity to join CEDA to drive and facilitate regional growth across the region.

2. Achieve great things every day! Assist businesses, communities and individuals to grow and achieve more than they thought possible.

3. Be a part of something big! Whether it be through supporting innovation, working with businesses to grow, or attracting residents and visitors, you’ll be contributing in a big way to making Manawatu a vibrant and dynamic place to be.

4. Work with amazing people! The team at CEDA is a group of creative and energetic specialists all driven to make Palmerston North City and Manawatu a sustainable, vibrant and thriving economy.

5. Get connected! You’ll be collaborating with businesses, groups, initiatives and more so you’ll have a great chance to grow and develop professional connections and experience Manawatu’s bustling community.


Telling the Stories

CEDA are taking the Manawatu region to the world in new and engaging ways - and exciting audiences locally, nationally and globally.


Click here to see an  example of CEDA's work "the Palmerston North and Manawatu Regional Video"


The Manawatu and Palmerston North is a region of hidden strengths and unexpected vibrancy, perfectly located at the heart of the lower North Island; shaped by the experience, knowledge and foresight of its people to be at the leading edge of science, agribusiness, and the hub of logistics.

 The CEDA Vision

CEDA Vision 2025


We think CEDA's staff say it best - why not hear what one of the team has to say about why you should work at CEDA?


Judy Bennett-Smith is CEDA's International Education Development Manager - if you'd like to know why Judy moved to Manawatu and how she finds working at CEDA click here - A Coffee with Judy Bennett-Smith


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