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Booths Transport - Driving Excellence

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Project Pride delivering ‘Best Practice’ and best standards

Booths Transport - Driving Excellence

Booths Transport is a North Island road transport business running a 24/7 operation with a fleet of 30 trucks. Booths is busy and leans on a loyal and dedicated team who are passionate about their roles and the business. Booths is business that builds lasting relationships with customers based on a simple philosophy of “doing what we say we will”.

Booths also runs a complimentary business, Straw and Supplement Supplies Limited which is a growing business supplying supplementary feed to the agricultural market.

Booths Transport is a business where the people are important – evidenced by their programme fostering positive culture and engagement.

Project Pride

Booths believe in old school values we want employees with compassion, enthusiasm and passion. We have an internal culture programme called “Project Pride”, we invest in our people to drive positive values and reward staff who project these. We do this with quarterly full staff meetings, on-going investment in further education and training. We also use driver reward systems to recognise and reward when our drivers meet and exceed our high standards – we also have our suppliers joining in with these rewards.

Project Pride is about delivering ‘Best Practice’ and best standards by sharing good work ethics, continual training and mentoring new staff.

Find out more about Project Pride here: 

Success Story

Palmerston North Personnel made the process simple and easy.

We needed a recruiter who would listen and understand what we wanted, what we needed and why. We have had past experiences with other recruiters where we felt like they were trying to make a sale to earn a commission. Working with the team wasn’t like that – They listened to the overview of what we wanted, then drilled down to finer detail to understand what we actually look for. The Recruitment Specialist was brilliant at this – she listened, and confirmed she genuinely understood by clarifying areas that were unclear asking really simple questions like “what did you mean when by saying…”

The team had a refreshing consultative style – they were able to look at what we thought our dream person was, understand why we wanted that type of person and then compared our wants vs our needs. Unlike other recruiters we’ve encountered our Recruitment Specialist was able to offer us good alternatives. When sharing these alternative people, they confidently presented the pro’s and con’s of each person against our dream person so we could make informed choices – this made us confident in our Recruitment Specialist and Palmerston North Personnel’s recruitment process.

Palmerston North Personnel connected with us as we were managing a difficult employment situation, by discussing this with management at Palmerston North Personnel, we were reassured that we were well managed and we were dealing with a knowledgeable professional team.

Palmerston North Personnel really take the time to learn and understand, how we work and our specific environment. They really go beyond just sending us a person for a job - the welfare of the individual who accepts the role is well considered throughout the recruitment process too.

Ultimately the recruitment was a pleasant experience and I happily recommend Palmerston North Personnel to other businesses.

We have had three great people including temporary employees for volume loading and permanent team members who really fit in. Our Recruitment Specialist was also able to connect with the temporary team at Palmerston North Personnel and provide them the right information for us to get great temporary employees too.

When discussing recruitment generally, I can see how some employers feel like they don’t get good value as other recruiters just market people without any existing relationship, prior knowledge and ultimately no trust. On the other hand we have had good value from Palmerston North Personnel – we get honest communication, upfront consultation and genuine understanding. It really is a Win-Win situation as we grow our business by employing the right people.

The pleasing thing is: we are a family business and the new team members are happy, engaged in their work, and have slotted smoothly into a family business – they are now part of the family!

This started with the Recruitment Specialist's ability to take the take time to understand our culture, the fit and the environment – this made us confident in their ability.

For us recruitment is as easy as “just ring Palmerston North Personnel”. 

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