Why use a recruitment specialist?

Our business is just like yours.

Our Lawyer manages and advises us on our legal obligations and risks, our Accountant reports and advises on our financial compliance and when we decided to launch our new website we chose to work with the best specialist for the job. Then we received expert advice, great technical service and we learnt much more than we thought we needed to. 

When we made the decision to engage with experts in their respective fields, we shared our ideas, plans and vision. And for a fair fee we expect professional consulting, demonstrable skill and ultimately peace of mind.

Then we start business partnerships with the reassurance we are working with knowledgeable consultants/professionals who:

  • Act as sounding boards (when we just want to check we are doing the right thing)
  • Provide up-to-date knowledge (faster / more cost effectively than we can research and qualify it)
  • Empower us to make informed business decisions to proactively drive our business forward
  • Add value with complimentary products and services to strengthen the experience

We are like many New Zealand Businesses - we expect great service from knowledgeable professionals who take the time to understand our unique requirements, and then deliver services and products that enhance our business journey. And that is the service we provide our Clients!

Palmerston North Personnel's Recruitment Specialists are experts in their field.  And we are proud of our team.

Some common areas where we add value:

  1. Recruitment trends - being up-to-date on globally, nationally, in the Manawatu, and right here in Palmerston North
  2. Talent Identification - we engage with job seekers every day 
  3. Talent Sourcing - we are experienced and effective at bringing talent into our market with proven attraction strategies
  4. Talent management - once we have relationships with high calibre talent we invest in maintaining those connections for your benefit
  5. Accurate needs assessments - we take the time to understand what is absolutely required and where extra value can be found   
  6. Providing opportunities to meet talent who match your corporate values and culture - but who don't know about your business yet
  7. Third Party Employment Brand Promotion - an Employment Brand is NOT your Company Brand
  8. Complete recruitment campaign management including full reporting
  9. Custom solutions to your recruitment problems whether short term, long term or variable
  10. Saying NO to job applicants who you struggle to say NO to eg family friend's, former employees or internal applicants

Palmerston North Personnel's Recruitment Specialists take the time to understand you, your business and your unique requirements - our expert Recruitment Specialists are trained to uncover what your problem is, when and how you need it solved, and then make recommendations to solve your recruitment problem.

Our solutions have proven to be:

  • Easy to implement - especially as we do the legwork for you
  • Successful - you can see some of our past successes here Employer Success Stories or for happy job seekers click here
  • Innovative - we have a history of attracting and placing roles with exciting strategies that work
  • Transparent - we mutually agree on our recommended strategy, any expenses, and ensure your expectations are met
  • Reassuring - by letting us focus on your recruitment problem you can continue to focus on your business with minimal distraction

If you are ready to partner with Palmerston North Personnel or would like to position yourself as an employer of choice, feel free to contact our Client Manager - we'd be happy to meet you, and partner with you to drive your business forward.



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