What are my obligations if I engage Palmerston North Personnel?

As providers of professional recruitment services in Manawatu, our Recruitment Specialists partner with amazing local businesses to find and employ the highest quality employees.

We have high expectations of ourselves, and have simple expectations of our Clients. To work with us effectively we think that the following guidelines work well for you and us:

1. We'd like to meet with you face-to-face at your workplace 
When we can see where the successful candidate will work we can set the scene and match expectations for all parties. We can promote the great environment and team they will be part of, or to professionally explain why we cannot progress an application when the environment is unsafe for an applicant. 

2. We would like you to provide us with a job description that REALLY matches the job
This doesn't mean we need a novel or a pulitzer award winning piece of literature but a document that explains behaviours, expectations, duties and responsibilities that match the reality of the role we are recruiting for you. A document that includes any changes you made to the role during the time the current employee has been in the role is very helpful.

3. Provide us with specific behavioural competencies, not generalised concepts
"Good communication skills, initiative, team player, flexibility and common sense" are general concepts, not specific competencies. (Ross Clennett)

A competency is specific and it should be easy to give tangible examples such as "we need flexibility on the fourth week of each month for the "accountant" to do 3 or 4 additional hours of work to meet overseas monthly reporting deadlines for the Parts Department Monthly Inventory Reporting deadline." 

4. Provide a salary and benefits package that matches the skills and competencies comparable to the quality of the applicant being recruited.
To help us make you an employer of choice we will work with you to help you secure the right person with the correct skills, competencies and behaviours, for long term employment stability, it is essential that you reward them accordingly.
There may be times we have exceptional talent who are above your initial expectations - we like to openly discuss the potential to hire these applicants and the investment to hire them too. 

5. Confirm interviews with suitable candidates when it is confirmed they are candidates of choice
Great candidates know their value and are action-orientated people. Quick decisions and clearly defined next steps confirm that you see value in them and allow them to manage their career changes professionally. 

6. Promote the opportunity of the role and your business to the candidate at interview
We do everything we can to promote your opportunity and match enthusiastic applicants to your role, and have them committed to being to you for the next few years (or longer). The next step if you to demonstrate your enthusiasm to have them belong to your team, and why you are one of our great Clients.
A powerful way to do this is to share why you joined your business and how enjoyable you have found working there. 

7. Allow us to effectively negotiate and manage the offer of employment for you
As the recruiter we are in a very unique position of trust and have open communication with the applicants, they will share information that allows us to help you make them the right offer rather than structure the package in a manner they cannot accept.
For example we have successfully negotiated flexible hours for return to work parents, who work full-time roles including the flexibility to pick-up or drop-off school children. 
We regularly negotiate job offers, and are able to negotiate based on information that you may not be "able to ask directly" but that are personally significant to the applicant. These may be pre-planned holidays, flexible hours, training allowances, use of vehicles, or even job titles. It is not always about the salary.

8. Produce and send the written offer efficiently (ideally same day or next day)
Some employers can send their offer within 15 minutes of a verbal offer - and with technical advances it is more reasonable to expect efficient documentation. Consider how you will feel if you extend an offer and another employer interviews, and offers the same applicant a comparable role. Delayed communication gives an applicant an insight of what it will be like to work within your business - are slow communication, and deferred decisions common place in your business?

9. Open and honest communications
We do what we say and partner with businesses who do the same. It allows us to manage clear expectations with job seekers and expect the same in return. We carry this through to our Terms of Trade and rules of engagement. We agree our strategy and fees up front - and we trust that you'll reward our service with payment of fees in line with these. We also need regular feedback on progress, candidate suitability, and if there are any changes to circumstances like planned start dates.

10. Tell others about your experience
We are intensely proud of what our team do - we have brought 1,000's of people and 100's of businesses together for mutually beneficial employment outcomes. We are passionate about what we do.
If you know great job seekers in search a great career, tell them to talk to us! If you know a business that would benefit from our service - tell them too!
If we have not delivered an outstanding result for you - tell us so we can do something about it!



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