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Six Reasons to use Palmerston North Personnel

Business ultimately comes down to ROI (Return On Investment) and often this comes down to Business Owner's personal time and money. If you simply don't have the time to recruit then we free up your time so you can focus on activity that creates money for your business. Ask yourself -  if you do an excellent job of recruiting, what is the opportunity cost of not being on top of what you normally do?

Beyond that, there are six solid reasons to work with your specialist recruiters - Palmerston North Personnel.

  • When hiring executives. When looking to fill senior positions, it's important to make sure you're expanding beyond your own network and attracting the best possible person you can. Palmerston North Personnel are constantly networking with executives in Manawatu, New Zealand and internationally. Executives who are in a position, but want us to act as their opportunity scout – when the "right opportunity comes along".
  • When hiring more than one person. If your business is looking to hire more than one person at a time, it makes more sense to use an impartial / specialist third-party to do the leg work for you. This can include (but is not limited to) advertising, initial screening, application management, background checks, first and second interviews, contract negotiation and after-placement follow ups. Instead of over-loading your already busy staff, outsourcing the job can save money and time.
  • When looking for the highest calibre candidates. Because most recruiting firms specialise in certain industries, we specialise in serving our whole market. As a result, strong relationships are developed with our Clients and we are aware of what makes top quality prospects in our region's economy. It's our job to manage the top talent in our region and only present candidates who not only fit the qualifications but also have the right motivation, behaviours, and are committed to living and working in Manawatu.
  • When you would like an expert negotiator. Palmerston North Personnel work for you when you need an expert negotiator. We want Manawatu Businesses to succeed and know what the market rates are, in terms of salary, benefits, and other competitive perks. Palmerston North Personnel strengthen your Employment Brand by buffering feedback, negotiating towards mutually beneficial conditions. These are not always about the salary.
  • When you're looking reduce the risk of a false start. If you've experienced new employees not working out in the past, for reasons outside of your control, then work with professionals who offer replacement guarantees. If, in the rare case an employee is not working out, work with an agency that keeps in contact and supports your business to make sure the placements work.
  • We are Corporate Members of the RCSA

We are proud members of the RCSA (Recruitment and Consulting Services Association) which is our Australian and New Zealand guiding body.

This means we follow professional guidelines, a code of conduct and keep up with international best practise recruitment. We also attend the Annual Conferences to maintain and extend our international professional networks - all for the benefit of our Manawatu Employers.

There are many reasons to work with Palmerston North Personnel - we specialise in solving recruitment problems - if you have a problem call us. It'll cost you nothing more than your time to have a chat. 

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