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Career Counselling 

We understand that your job is one of the most important aspects of your life. This is why we provide a Career Counselling service to assist you to recognise all your career options, or even re-confirm your chosen career direction.

Firstly, we will step you through completing an Occupational Interest Profile. This is a self-assessment that will assist in recognising your key vocational interests and work needs. You can conduct this assessment online and it will take you about 20 minutes.

Our trained interpreter will then review your results and produce a tailored written report for you.

As a follow up to the Occupational Interest Profile, we will provide you with a one-hour consultation, giving you further clarification on the occupational profiling conducted, as well as advice and guidance regarding:

  • Recognising occupational options
  • Identifying training (i.e.  availability of courses and training providers)
  • Devising a career plan

The investment in our Career Counselling service is $295.00 plus GST 

For students -  we can provide you online access to the occupational profiling conducted at a reduced price, as we believe in investing in the future workforce of New Zealand.

We also recognise students have reduced access to funds, and this cost effective option will allow you to self evaluate your career path based on your unique and comprehensive Occupational Interest Profile report.

The investment for the Occupational Interest Profile for students with suitable student identification is a discounted $175.00 plus GST. (For the assessment component and report only.)

If you would then like to arrange a one-hour consultation to gain further career guidance as outlined above, the investment for this is $95.00 plus GST


Job Search / Interview Skills Consultation

We can provide a one-on-one consultation giving you the tools needed to impress at your next interview.

Key areas of the interview process will be covered ensuring that you have the information needed to seek, secure, attend and complete a successful interview.

All of this knowledge can be yours for an investment of $185.00 plus GST per hour.



Get the right support for your job search and contact Claire today!

Helpful Hints For Your CV & Cover Letter

Your CV (also known as your Curiculum Vitae or Resume) is often your first impression with your prospective employer. Employers review high numbers of CVs when recruiting for a new role, so you need to provide the relevant information in a manner that is accessible and professional.

While we do not provide CV Services at this time, we have identified a number of helpful locations to obtain hints and templates for creating your CV and Cover Letter so you can STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!

Or try a CV specialist - contact Jo Hazlitt who makes personalised CVs, just CLICK HERE


Our Quick CV Tips

With the CVs we see, the same mistakes regularly appear, so we recommend that you:

  • Include all your relevant roles and certainly at least the last three years of employment. Make sure you have everything up to date and include your current role
  • Remove all typos and over-fancy formatting e.g. try easy to read fonts
  • Provide the CV in Microsoft Word format – not PDF or PowerPoint!

Cover Letters:

  • If you include a covering letter, check, check and check again that you do not send it with other employers details on it!
  • Confirm you are wanting to apply, invite a reply and provide your daytime contact details
  • Do not ask the employer to call you after hours
  • Remove all typos and over-fancy formatting e.g. try easy to read fonts
  • Explain why you are interested in this particular role
  • Read the letter and make sure it reads well - before you click APPLY or SEND
  • If you have given your cellphone number as a contact, keep your cellphone close by as the company will be trying to ring you back!

We have a great blog post about how to write an effective cover letter - check it out here for additional tips and advice.

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